Our lowest-price EVER on Don Julio 1942

I must begin this email with a confession. When I first came to Vine & Table I was not what you would call the biggest tequila fan. Sure, I had taken part in the usual college dalliances. I’ve had my fair share of shots and Margaritas, but I never considered tequila a sipping spirit in the vein of bourbon or scotch. I tell you this because the first tequila to change my mind, the first to make me sit up and take notice, was Don Julio. The entire line changed my perceptions of what a decent tequila could be and the piece de resistance was, of course, the Don Julio 1942.

There is a reason the 1942 is held up by many as the gold standard of anejo tequilas. Aged for at least two and a half years the 1942 is a beautiful example of what a well-tended tequila can be. It pours slowly, showing off a viscosity that is more reminiscent of a rich Scotch than a white spirit. The nose brings to mind salted caramel, milk chocolate, and a hint of fresh mown grass. On the tongue this tequila delivers all the richness the pour promised. The palate shows signs of French vanilla, fresh rainwater, and fire-roasted agave. This last note in particular impresses as most anejos lose their agave notes as the barrel takes over. In the 1942 I found barrel and base spirit in perfect balance.

Don Julio 1942 is always a great buy but right now we are offering the best price we have EVER had on this bottle. At only $122.99 this is an offer you can’t turn down. If you have ever considered a foray into high end tequila this is the time to take the leap. We have limited quantities and once it is gone so is this offer. So come grab a bottle and see why 1942 was a very good year.

Buy online: Don Julio 1942 (while stocks last) – $122.99

Dave Helt
Vine & Table
Spirits Buyer

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