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At Vine & Table we like to say that “if it’s worth drinking, then you can find it here”. Which of course would imply that we carry all of the great names in wine that everyone knows and loves. Being honest this is true for the most part (or we at least have an as-good or better alternative). What isn’t talked about as often is that we also like to have wines that can only be found here, that are amazing examples of their styles, and usually at a much better value. Our feature today is a perfect wine to introduce you to some of our V&T specialties, Alloro Pinot Noir.

Alloro Estate Pinot Noir comes from the prestigious Chehalem Mountains area of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. These mountains sit at the northern end of the valley and are home to the highest peaks in this growing area. What this all means for the wine is that the grapes are grown on steep slopes, while also getting cooler temperatures from the breezes that come through the northern mouth of the valley. This all equates to grapes that undergo a more gentle ripening process that gives drier fruit aromas as well as denser skins that give this wine structure similar to that of Old World Pinot Noir. On top of being from this great growing area, all wines made by Alloro are 100% estate fruit as they don’t source any grapes from other growers. At their size, I would classify them as an ‘Artisan Winemaker’, which is just a fancy way of saying that they don’t focus on churning out a large quantity to make as much money as possible but instead focus on making the best wine they can with the grapes they have. I know many of you may be saying to yourselves, ‘there is no way that this wine is cheap if they don’t make much of it’. Well you’d correct, to some extent. The average price of Estate Pinot from this area ranges between $35-70+, so this wine doesn’t quite have the everyday value of some of the wines that highlight in my features. But on its new deal this wine is a steal for its quality.

Our goal here is to have great deals on killer wines of all levels, so with that in mind, Alloro will now be sold for 20% off when you buy 3 bottles or more. This means that this Artisan Estate Pinot Noir from Oregon that usually costs $39.99 will be only $31.99/bottle when you buy 3.

Now to the somber news. I’ve started getting my first 2020 Oregon Pinot Noirs into the shop and have unfortunately had to return quite a few cases due to issues from the forest fires. I can’t stress enough that if you are a Oregon Pinot fan then you should be stocking up on ’17, ’18, and ’19 vintages to hold you over for the next couple of years (I’ll be stocking up on them to help you all with that, but it’ll eventually run out). But here is the silver lining, Alloro prefers their wine to show a little bit more like Old World wines so they slow their vintages down to give them more time to mature in the bottle. My current vintage on this Pinot is 2017, so we shouldn’t run into production issues until after the rest of the market pushes through the 2020 vintage gap. With this deal and some great planning on the winemaker’s part, this wine can help us all enjoy our new Oregon staple for the foreseeable future.

On to the tasting notes and my perfect pairing. This wine has a gorgeous ruby color in the glass, with a little more color intensity than your average Pinot. The aroma’s lean toward dried red fruits like strawberries, with a backbone of earthiness that leans toward an almost Burgundian style. The structure is where this wine really shines. It has a much more luscious body than many of its kind, but the cool growing climate helps this wine maintain wonderfully bright acidity. All together this wine has a little bit of the best of both worlds with rich complexity and refreshing brightness. This is a great wine to have with everything from richer salmon dishes to pork and even a beef filet. This is also the perfect wine to pair with younger aged cheeses as well as charcuterie meats.

Come on by your local Vine & Table location or order online to stock up on Alloro Estate Pinot Noir at this great discount while our current stock lasts!

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