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We are thrilled to share with you Indiana’s most comprehensive selection of bourbon, rye, and American whiskey!


Here you’ll find a rolling weekly lottery of RARE and HIGHLY ALLOCATED products, and the absolute lowest pricing on an ever changing selection of hand-picked whiskies.

Bourbon World is a tailored shopping experience for those who cocktail, drink neat, or intend to gift. Visit Bourbon World inside Vine & Table (Carmel location) to experience this incredible selection, as well as the expert advice from our team.

  • Indiana and US bourbons
  • International selection
  • Hard to find items
  • Ever-changing selection
  • Weekly right-to-buy raffle
Sign up for Vine & Table Rewards (in-store only) so you can accumulate your rewards, hear the timing of our lotteries and participate in the opportunity for the chance to buy Pappy, BTAC and other hard-to-find bourbons!