Perfect your cocktails with St. George Spirits Aqua Perfecta

In the effort to keep Vine & Table’s edge in providing you with the very best selections of unique and scarce spirits, we occasionally (okay, pretty often) find something that other stores might consider a hard sell. A lot of places would consider St. George Aqua Perfecta Framboise Eau De Vie just that, but we know those who shop at V&T are always willing to branch out a bit. Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist

Eau De Vie is nothing more than a double distilled, un-barreled fruit brandy, in this case raspberry. But calling it a fruit brandy doesn’t do it service; it is lighter and crisper than that label implies, and because it is double distilled is closer to something like a fruit-based vodka. Traditionally served ice cold and neat (not a bad way to go) it can, and should, also be substituted for vodka or gin in any number of cocktails. Imagine a new twist on even old stalwarts like a martini, cosmo, or an aviation. The mind boggles, and I’m getting thirsty just writing about it; how could it get any better?!

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