Reds for a Changing Season

As we look towards fall and the changing colors of the leaves, at Vine & Table we also look forward to the changing colors of the wines in our glass! This is the season we change from whites and rosé to the delicious reds that are so fitting for the cooler months. Much like the leaves, this is best enjoyed as a gradual process; so let’s take a look at a few great options of wines that will help us ease into wines of a more crimson persuasion. What we want is a style that has plenty of refreshing acidity to keep the wine feeling light, even if it has some power. Two grapes instantly came to mind for that category: Pinot Noir (for the lighter style) and Sangiovese (for those that want a little more structure). So here are a couple of options…

For Pinot Noir: The Pinot Project’s 2020 California Pinot Noir and Maison Champy’s Pernand-Vergelesses Red Burgundy from France. These two wines may be made from the same grape but couldn’t taste more different. Pinot Project is a classic California Pinot with lots of juicy red fruit and spice on the nose and a light amount of round tannin. This is very far from Champy’s Red Burgundy that is dominated by dry fruits and earthiness for the aroma with some tannin that is dustier.

As for the Sangiovese, there is one country that does it so much better than the rest. Italy is not only the birthplace of this varietal, but also the world’s leading producer in both quantity and quality. While there are a few regions in Italy that make great versions, there is none more famous than Chianti. Bolder red wines can be great this time of year as long as they have a healthy amount of acidity. It just so happens that Chianti’s are known for this. To go along with its beautiful aroma of red and black fruits with a hint of dried flower petals, there is a good dose of dry tannins and a refreshing tartness that makes it perfect for any Italian meal and for this season. Our best example of this style today is none other than the original Chianti Classico from Italy’s oldest winery: Ricasoli’s 2018 Rocca Guicciarda Chianti Classico Reserva.

If you are looking for the ideal wine for the season, give one of these options a try with dinner as you watch the leaves begin to turn and as you break your sweaters out of storage. As always, we will have these wines open this Saturday for you to make your own opinion. So stop by (or order online) to grab some of these wines as we transition both seasons, styles and colors.

Recommended Pairing: Pork Chops
Nothing says fall quite like a Pork Chop with a spiced apple-red pepper sauce. It just so happens that this is the perfect food to eat with all three of these wines.

Recommended Glassware: Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Glass
This glass is the perfect shape to let these highly aromatic wines show all of there gorgeous finesse.


Benton Givens Level 2 Sommelier

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