ripasso – a northern italian luscious red!

What amazes me is that for less than twenty dollars you can get this wine that is complex, interesting and extremely drinkable either now or in a few years! Ca’ de’ Rocchi Ripasso 2009 is a Wine Enthusiast Editor’s Choice for just $18.99.

“This is a delicious Ripasso with soft oak renderings and sophisticated spice layered between bright cherry and blackberry. A lingering note of barbecue spice brings up the rear.”  ~ Wine Enthusiast Editor’s Choice!

Valpolicella and Tinazzi Family
The Valpolicella region of Verona, Italy, is where the Tinazzi family’s winery is located. It is here in Lazise, near the beautiful Lake Garda that this beautiful wine is made. Founded in 1968 by Eugene Tinazzi, the winery is managed today by Gian Andrea, Giorgio and Francesca Tinazzi, respectively son, grandson and granddaughter of the founder. They produce this very delicious Ripasso, a full-bodied red that is one of the best values for the money in our store right now.

So what is Valpolicella Ripasso?
Valpolicella is a red blend, which comprises of three grape varieties including Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella. Each of these lends unique characteristics to the wine: one used for acid, another for flavor and another for neutrality and bulk. Valpolicellas are usually light and fragrant and are good table wines.

Now for the Ripasso part. Ripasso is an Italian term meaning re-passed, which is a technique that adds additional flavor and alcohol to the Valpolicella. The un-pressed grape skins used to make the raisinated wine called Amarone are added to the already blended and fermented Valpolicella. This adds an incredible amount of body, character and style to this typically simple wine. The extra tannins that are produced from this process give this wine a few more years of aging potential.

Why now?
Your best value of $18.99 per bottle becomes even better at $16.99 when you buy a case of six. I highly recommend you stock up on this wine now, as believe it or not, it won’t be long before the weather will turn cool and this wine will be just what you crave. Imagine a chilly evening with this luscious bottle of Ripasso wine, a serving of warm risotto, braised beef or a big pot of bean soup and warm crusty bread…


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