romanée-conti…simply amazing

What I love about wine is that it’s always changing and there’s always something new to learn.  I have to admit that coming from fine dining I’ve learned there are wines that never reach the restaurant door and are rarely spoken of, at least here in Indiana. 

Romanée-Conti is the most prestigious wine in the world, wine that is so elite only a few hundred cases ever hit the U.S.  And with their prestigious price tag, only a few would ever consider purchasing a bottle.

So as I stand here today admiring the bottles in our Vine & Table cellar, I realize it’s time to tell the world about these amazing wines.

Romanée-Conti is a small appellation of Burgundy, France, and a Grand Cru Vineyard also known as DRC (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti).  Being a Grand Cru Vineyard is like being on the honor roll in school – it is the highest level of quality a vineyard can be.  The soils are manually tilled with horses each year to prevent soil compaction and consist of iron-rich limestone, marble and rock.  Farming is strictly organic, using vine and grape skins left over from fermentation as soil compost.  Lunar timetables are used to determine the need for pruning and eventual harvesting of the vines.  Yields are so low that one bottle of wine requires three grapevines to fill it.  Compare this to a California vineyard where one grapevine fills about eight bottles and you can begin to understand the beauty of these wines.

The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand, choosing only the best grapes for each wine.  The grapes are then soaked as full clusters and fermented at low temperatures, never rushing a single process.  Wine is unfiltered, and fresh egg whites are used for fining the wine.  To prevent any chance of contamination from a used barrel, every wine is aged in 100% new oak barrels from the Troncais Forest.  Wines are aged 16-20 months before bottling.
So without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you these outstanding wines (many of which I’m proud to say we carry in our cellar).

La Tache Pinot Noir 2007  –Cherry, strawberry, medium tannins, smooth truffle, perfume, spice, basil and licorice.
1,833 cases produced. $7,400.00 per 6 bottle case.

Romanée St. Vivant Pinot Noir 2007 –Medium-bodied with elegant fruit, smoky and complex with a seductive texture, leather, earth and a little spice on the finish.
1,500 cases produced. $6,600.00 per 6 bottle case.

Domaine Romanée-Conti Richebourg 2007 –Medium-bodied with tart blackberry, dark cherry and fine tannins.  Gamey and tobacco.
1,000 cases produced. $6,500.00 per 6 bottle case.

Grads Echezeaux Pinot Noir 2006 –Bold fruit, thick mid-palate and a huge, long finish.
1,150 cases produced. $4,000.00 per 6 bottle case.

Echezeaux Pinot Noir 2007 –Star fruit, silky tannins, raspberries, mocha and anise.
1,340 cases produced. $2,600.00 per 6 bottle case

And for the most elite and extremely difficult-to-obtain…
Romanée-Conti Pinot Noir –Medium-bodied, luscious bright fruit with almost a sweet front, fresh black currant and earth.  Grown in an area less than 4-1/2 acres in size, which is comparable to 1 average Indiana square block.
450 cases produced.

Montrachet Chardonnay –Peach, pineapple, chamomile, honey and butterscotch with rocky minerality.
Grown in an area just over 1-1/2 acres in size. 250 cases produced.

Romanée-Conti…pure, perfect, priceless. ~ Bethann

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