rye on a roll…

I think we may have to re-configure our store shelving here soon. It wasn’t too long ago, when we had just a few rye whiskies on our shelves. In fact I can remember when we had just three dusty brands waiting patiently for the curious customer to come along, reach up and grab a bottle.

paul-jonesNow, however, things have changed dramatically. We have a whole section of shelving dedicated to the popular American spirit. And just when I think we have reached the peak along comes another one. This past month alone we added several new rye whiskies to our other twenty brands. What was a spirit’s category that had two feet in the grave is now overflowing. There are some seriously good whiskies to be had, whether you are into cocktails or just looking to branch out into different flavor whisky profiles. Here are a few newbie’s.

George Dickel Rye Whiskey – Not all rye needs to be from Kentucky! In fact funnily enough, this isn’t Dickelryefrom Tennessee either, but it is made right here in Indiana. Whiskey blogger Chuck Cowdery covers the story of the new Dickel Rye in his blog which makes for some interesting reading and uncovers some truths about where your whiskey really comes from.

Back to the whiskey though, I enjoyed this one immensely. The whiskey undergoes a similar form of charcoal filtration which its Tennessee siblings are subjected to which creates a lovely, smooth, soft sipper. The nose is full of lush fruits and nuts. I detect some Pommeau de Normandie (a blend of apple brandy and apple cider) along with a lovely crème caramel. Possibly not your stereotypical rye whiskey, but by God, if you are after a deliciously smooth sipper, then this is the one!

whistlepigWhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey – WhistlePig “100/100” is a 100 proof, 100 percent rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years in new American oak barrels. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell spent over a year on an exhaustive search of North America for the best rye whiskey in the world, hitting what he calls “the sweet spot” in when it comes to proof, purity, and age. The result is a rye which packs a lot of complex flavors into the bottle. The rye is clearly visible in the glass from the get-go, with oak, cinnamon and spice and a nice touch of vanilla on the palate. If you try WhistlePig and like it then you may also want to check out Mastersons 10 Year Old Canadian Rye which hails from the same stock as old WhistlePig.

willettWillett Family Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye – This rye needs no introduction to Vine & Table. We have been out of stock for awhile now, but as soon as you read this we should have a small supply available. If you happen to scroll back up and read Chuck Cowdery’s blog, then you will see that this is probably the last of the single barrel rye’s from our friends at (KBD) Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. KBD also get their supply from LDI. Barrels tend to vary from one to the other, so I can’t give you a description of this one as I haven’t tasted it yet, but if it is anything like our other offerings from KBD then this going to fly off our shelves!

Let me know how you like them?





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