Say “Howdy!” to your new vermouth, Partner

We are in the golden age of vermouth – not too many years ago the average drinker was aware of basically one brand, Martini (here in Indiana, Cinzano vermouth featured prominently in the 1979 film Breaking Away, but that didn’t really do the brand any favors as the Cinzano Bicycle Team were the villains). Our shelves here at Vine & Table are now filled with unique offerings from all over the world – and now, from California and the mind of Dave Finney of Orin Swift winery fame, Partner Cherry Vermouth. ~Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer

A truly West Coast take on vermouth, Partner starts with a base of Merlot and Petite Sirah, making it unique among Rosso Vermouth (red vermouth is usually made from white wine and takes its coloring from the addition of botanicals and caramel color). Partner is infused with Tartarian Cherries and smoked and exotic spices, evoking the Circassian region on the Black Sea where the cherries originated. While the cherries and red wine are front and center, the addition of smoked black cardamom yields smoky warmth that is unique in this category.

As Americans’ taste for vermouth evolves to more closely mimic European drinking styles, expressions like Partner Vermouth should become more common. The smoky, cherry taste plays well in your favorite cocktails, but don’t just limit it to Manhattans; pair it with your favorite sparkling wine for an appealing spritz. At just $14.99 for a 375 ml bottle, you will definitely want Partner Sweet Vermouth in your home bar.

Elsewhere $25+ – Buy Online: Partner Sweet Vermouth – $14.99 – (While supplies last)


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