Shine bright with Starlight Distillery Farm to Bottle Vodka!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our third batch of Starlight Vodka, created especially for Vine & Table, has arrived. This pure, unadulterated vodka was created by Ted Huber and his team at the Starlight Distillery in southern Indiana. While most vodkas are filtered to remove so called ‘impurities,’ the Vine & Table crew and our customers decided that we wanted a vodka that was rich, flavorful and had not been stripped of all of its goodness, so we chose to eliminate this last step of production. Once you taste this spirit you will immediately know what we mean; the vodka has a richness and viscosity on the palate that is unmatched and the flavor is elevated to a level that will have you wondering how vodka can taste so good!

Considering that this is made right here in Indiana on a small family farm using all local ingredients, and creating local jobs, you just might wonder why you are paying silly money for factory-produced, tasteless vodka. As we like to say the taste is in the bottle, and we encourage you to stop by Vine & Table and taste our new batch with us.

Starlight Distillery Farm to Bottle Lot No. 3 Un-Filtered Craft Vodka – $16.99
(created especially for Vine & Table customers)


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 Vine & Table #301