smoking goose duck prosciutto with frisée and truffle butter

Being a newbie to this wonderful store, and having a love of all things food, I came across a local favorite that I now have the pleasure of being able to offer to you.

Smoking Goose is a local company centered in downtown Indianapolis that has become a favorite to many locals, as their ‘handcrafted, flavor-packed protein treats’ have graced many restaurants in the area as well as specialty stores such as ours. We are thrilled to offer a great selection of these tantalizing items so you can conveniently take these wonderful morsels home to share with your family and friends.

Smoking Goose products are great all year long, but ideal for the summer months when we’re looking for special foods for outdoor entertaining. Using only the finest ingredients Smoking Goose cures and smokes the meat from animals raised on independent farms in Indiana.  Knowing that a recipe will be a success because the ingredients are so good is a real confidence builder. So in creating my recipes using fig and pig pâté, smoked duck and duck prosciutto, I am positive these fool-proof appetizers will impress your guests and have you falling in love with Smoking Goose products as much as I have.

Below is the simplest of appetizers, try this one and pair with an Italian wine such as Renato Ratti Nebbiolo d’Alba Occhetti 2010. Watch for my next recipes in the coming weeks.
Smoking Goose Duck prosciutto with frisee and truffle butter
Smoking Goose duck prosciutto with frisée and truffle butter:

Slice the duck prosciutto and place on bed of rinsed and dried frisée leaves. Serve with truffle butter (also available at Vine & Table) and toasted sliced baguette.

Stop by Vine & Table to see our great selection of Smoking Goose products and watch for my recipes and give them a try. You’ll see for yourself why we are proud to offer their products among all the other wonderful gourmet food items available at Vine & Table.

Smoking Goose products are ordered on a weekly basis, the duck prosciutto is a special order item and ordered upon request. Meet the men behind the goose – join us for Summer Extravaganza on May 23rd as Smoking Goose will be in the house!


“Make [food] simple and let things taste of what they are.”
Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland) French writer (1872-1956)

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