Cantina di Casteggio Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero 2010

Staff Pick-Off the Beaten Path

Pinot Nero is also known as Pinot Noir and usually when we are searching for a Pinot Noir we look to the USA or Burgundy, France. However, between Italy’s most famous wine regions, Tuscany and Piedmont, lies Lombardy. Best known for their sparkling wines, this region makes an outstanding Pinot Nero.

 Cantina di Casteggio Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero 2010It wasn’t until the 1950s that Casteggio Del Oltrepò Pavese decided to grow Pinot Nero, a very finicky thin-skinned grape that grows surprisingly well for them. They continued on to get it classified with the esteemed DOC for quality assurance.

For me, Italian Pinot Noirs are a delicacy, hard to find but always very well made. So you can imagine my excitement to find another one for our Italian section. This wine screams summer to me with its intense flavors of bright strawberries, hints of cinnamon, dry tannins, perfume, balanced acidity and a teasing amount of white pepper on the finish. Although you can pair this with light appetizers, seafood, pasta dishes with vegetables or delicate main courses of fish and white meat, I enjoy this most on its own.




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