Street Pumas vodka is on the prowl

Every once in a while a vodka will force us to sit up and take notice, which is exactly what this bottle from The Street Pumas did. But don’t let the comical label fool you, because inside is a full liter of serious spirit that deserves your attention.


Firstly, it was sourced by our good friend and importer of geeky spirits, Mr. Nicolas Palazzi, a guy who takes these things pretty seriously. Secondly, it is an expertly distilled potato vodka hailing from the home of vodka, Poland. And thirdly, it tastes so good! I don’t get excited about vodka very often but this one did the trick. Aromas of bramble fruit and almond paste open on the nose without the faintest hint of raw alcohol common in so many vodkas today. It hits the palate in a gently sweet velvety wave, revealing notes of fresh raspberry and lemon rind that lingers for an age. This is seriously good stuff that can be enjoyed mixed but is incredibly good in a martini or simply over ice, where the beautiful aromas can truly be appreciated.

If it’s high-end vodka that you are after for a lower-end price, then a bottle of The Street Pumas would make an incredibly good investment. Just $24.99 a liter, not a bad price indeed!

Buy Online: The Street Pumas Vodka (1 Liter) (while stocks last) $24.99


Denis Lynch
Vine & Table
Spirits Buyer



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