Best Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregon Pinot Noir- The Rest of the Drill Down

click here to read part one of Demystifying Oregon Pinot Noir Enter the winemaker… Fifty percent  of the quality and characteristics of the Pinot Noir is determined by nature; now it is up to the winemaker to determine the quality and personality of the second fifty percent. The winemaker’s vision, skills, determination and subtleties play […]

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September’s Malts of the Month

Why settle for one single malt when you can have three! There is no use denying it: I love Scotch whisky, and I keep an open mind and palate when it comes to discussing the virtues of each distillery. You’ll hear me talk favorably about the big industrial distilleries that churn out copious amounts of […]

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Indy's Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo

5 Very Important Spirits for Expo VIPs!

It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a month to go until this year’s Whisky & Fine Spirit’s Expo on Friday, October 4th. One of my favorite parts of the Expo is always the VIP session, which allows attendees to sample some of the world’s finest and rarest spirits– products you might not otherwise […]

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Arran Distillery

The Casks are coming…

At Vine & Table, we take great pride in bringing you the finest wines and spirits from across the world. Many of these products are simply brought to us by our distributors, but sometimes, our quest to find the-best-of-the-best takes us on journeys around the globe.

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Events in Carmel, Indiana

Pick 24 sends summer out with a bang!

We all know the signs- school is back in session, the days are getting shorter, and the pools are closing down. Summer is fading fast, friends, but we are determined to squeeze as much out of it as we can! Join us for one last blast of summer at our September Pick 24 Release Party […]

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Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses Rosé 2012

August’s Rosé of the Month- it’s a mouthful!

We’re having a lot of fun picking out our “Rosés of the Month” here at the store, and to shake things up for August, we are featuring Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses Rosé 2012. Whew! This wine is a mouthful both in name and taste, so let’s break it down.

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las rocas rose

Rockin’ with Las Rocas

Picture this, it is 1962, and in the Catalayud region of Spain, a group of small farmers recognize that they can all attain greater success by working together rather than competing against one another. In a year beset by paralyzing strikes and crackdowns by the dictator Francisco Franco, the growers found strength in unity and […]

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Gin & Bitter Lemon cocktail recipe

Art of the Cocktail-GBL

Summer is not summer unless you have downed your fair share of this classic English cocktail. GBL or Gin & Bitter Lemon is relatively unknown in this part of the Midwest but I see that changing as people begin to discover just what a jolly good drink this is.

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