August Rosé of the Month – Parallele 45

As the traditional rosé season begins to wind down, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a rosé that features a little more body and depth than you may be used to and reacquaint your palate with some of the characteristics of the red wines you will turn to this fall. Hailing from the southern […]

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The Hiply Historical Bertani Bertarose 2016

There are plenty of wineries who’ve been in business for generations; however there aren’t many that can claim to have been making the same wine for over 80 years. In the case of Bertani, they can– the family has been making Bertarose since the 1930s. This blend of 75% Molinara and 25% Merlot, selling for […]

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Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses Rosé 2012

August’s Rosé of the Month- it’s a mouthful!

We’re having a lot of fun picking out our “Rosés of the Month” here at the store, and to shake things up for August, we are featuring Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses Rosé 2012. Whew! This wine is a mouthful both in name and taste, so let’s break it down.

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las rocas rose

Rockin’ with Las Rocas

Picture this, it is 1962, and in the Catalayud region of Spain, a group of small farmers recognize that they can all attain greater success by working together rather than competing against one another. In a year beset by paralyzing strikes and crackdowns by the dictator Francisco Franco, the growers found strength in unity and […]

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Rose wine best selection in the state

roll in the rosé

At Vine & Table we love the versatility of rosé and the way they lend themselves to the warmer weather. Some are elegant, soft and floral, others are crisp and thirst-quenching. Rosés can be paired with food or quaffed on their own. They can be dry, sweet, fruity or herbal. In short, there’s a rosé […]

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A Summer in Provence: Commanderie de la Bargemone Rosé 2012

If we had our way, we’d be in Provence right now. From the rushing Rhone River, to the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean, to the ancient history that seems to emanate from the soil itself, it seems an ideal place to spend the summer. Alas, the responsibilities of home and job keep us tied to […]

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Domain de Nizas Rose 2011

the first of the summer wine-domaine de nizas rosé 2011

Ah, finally, the weather has changed and we can sense that summer is actually on its way. And when it comes to summer wines, there’s nothing better than rosé. A good rosé is versatile and refreshing, and, like any worthwhile wine, offers complexity on the nose and palate. There’s also a lot of variety between […]

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4 wine and cheese pairings for the patio

A salad here, a burger there and perhaps a meal out one night a week, keeping meals simple in the summer is key to getting the most out of this short season. But in keeping it simple, we run the risk of mundane and boring. Avoid this trap and the potential eye-rolling from household members […]

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