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Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Aug Pick 24

You’ll notice we have several wines from Chateau Ste. Michelle in this month’s selection of 24 highly rated wines, under $24, and for good reason.

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Mike Grgich

Who is Mike Grgich?

Who is Mike Grgich? Arguably, the most influential winemaker in the New World. Celebrating his 90th birthday on April 1, 2013, Mike Grgich, winemaker and

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buy wine online, Lioco Chardonnay

White Wine Safari

Up for an Adventure? It doesn’t always require a full-fledged quest like a dive into the Great Barrier Reef or a climb up Mount Everest

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July 2013 Pick 24

Continuing on with the summer celebration theme, we’ve included a number of high quality summer wines to enhance all your July activities including your backyard

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June Pick 24, 2013

“Welcome to Schramsberg Vineyards – America’s House of Sparkling Wine”. The Schramsberg estate is tucked into the densely forested slopes of Diamond Mountain and is

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may pick 24

This month’s Pick 24 Selection can be summed up in one sweet little word… P-A-R-T-Y! We chose 24 crowd-pleasing wines perfect for parties and entertaining

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April Pick 24

We are ever so grateful to Mother Earth for her huge bounty of grapes we so enjoy throughout the year! So in honor of Earth

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march pick 24

So if we told you 6 of our 24 wines in this month’s Pick 24 selection hail from France, what is your visceral reaction? Are

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San Giulio Malvasia di Castelnuovo - Don Bosco

13 wines under $13

It’s 2013 and in honor of the New Year our staff got together and picked our favorite 13 wines under $13. Here’s what made our

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february pick 24

It’s February, it’s cold outside and we’re feeling the lure of a cozy evening spent fireside with a distinct wine to warm the soul.  What

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 Vine & Table #301