last minute gift ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

As the names on your gift list shortens, and you’re left with a few you just don’t know what to get, it is time to stop at Vine & Table. I mean, everybody has to eat and drink, so how can you really go wrong? Wrap up everyone on your hard-to-buy-for list at Vine & […]

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What wine pairs with

What Wine Should I Serve?

At home, I’m a vodka drinker. Even at that, a pretty straight-forward one: grey goose, soda, lime. When I drink wine, I love Spanish reds. I’ve always found them to be easy drinking, “approachable”, such that they appeal to most palates. Outside of that, though, I’m lost when it comes to choosing wines. Maybe it’s […]

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Emile Beyer Wines

Beyer Family Wines of Alsace

The Beyer family has been an integral part of the wine business in Alsace, France since 1580. This family estate, with 19 hectares of vineyards on slopes rich in limestone and clay near Eguisheim, is currently under the management of Christian Beyer, who represents the 14th generation of producers.

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Cycle Buff Beauty Wine

Misfits’ Cycle Buff Beauty Isn’t Flippant

We all know wine is serious business, but once in a while a product comes to our attention that reminds us that wine can be awfully fun too. The 2011 Misfits Wine Co. Cycle Buff Beauty is a hoot – from its  label, reminiscent of something out of a James Bond movie (think scantily clad […]

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Best Oregon Pinot Noir

Demystifying Oregon Pinot Noir

Ok, let’s cut to the chase, Oregon Pinot Noir is a bit of mystery to the casual wine drinker.  There seems to be a mystique surrounding it; everyone seems to know it is desirable, but most aren’t really quite sure why. I dare you to ask the person sitting across from you at your next […]

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