Dave Helt

The Beer Manifesto

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Those of you who have wandered into Vine & Table the last several months have probably noticed a new face hovering around the beer section. He was helpful (hopefully), cheerful (usually), and all too ready to chew your ear off about the newest brews he’d gotten in. Well, allow me to put a name to that face. My name is David Helt and I’m the Beer Buyer at Vine & Table. After a few months here I decided it was probably time to formally introduce myself. While struggling for the best way to handle my introduction it came to me, a beer manifesto. This is why I have made beer my career and why I hope you will all take this journey with me.

Dave Helt“In the world of fine spirits we use Scotch to show sophistication, Brandy to denote culture, but beer? Beer is rarely brought up in such discussions, and when it is spoken of it is never positive. I say this should end now! I myself was guilty of such thoughts. I went through my twenties convinced I hated beer. It turns out I just hadn’t found the right beer. Mark my words; there IS a right beer for everyone. Are you a wine drinker? I challenge you to try an authentic Belgian Quad and not find it comparable in complexity and nuance. What’s that you say? You prefer to stick with your Whiskeys and Scotches? In the world of beer you might find many old friends. Four Roses…  Jameson’s…  Lagavulin… Pappy Van Winkle… all of these and many more have offered their barrels for aging of ales.

Or perhaps a Lambic would appeal more. Sweet fruits meld with a tart backbone in this style that has been perfected over centuries. Perhaps you desire the powerful citrus and pine of a well-crafted IPA or the expertly roasted malts of a fine Porter or Stout. Why not try a refreshing Heffe Weissen and find yourself transported to the wheat fields of Germany. Or if you desire you can take a walk on the wild side with any number of sour ale styles. This doesn’t even bring into account the numerous additional ingredients being added to great ales. Chocolate, coffee, spices, fruits, and vegetables are all finding their way into adventurous brews. In this day and age there truly is a beer for everyone. So I invite you to come down to Vine & Table and let me find the right beer for you.”

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 Vine & Table #301