The best of Corsica returns

A lot of people get caught up in where a wine comes from and insist only on drinking bottles that originate in big-name places like Bordeaux. But such close-mindedness means that some really beautiful creations are overlooked- creations like Domaine Vetriccie Corse Red Blend. That said, we are happy that the vast majority of Vine & Table customers do keep an open mind, and that became clear last year when we sold out of the 2013 vintage of this Corsican delight in next to no time. We expect the same to happen again, for while the price has gone up a smidgeon to $10.99, the quality and flavor is what you’d dream about in a wine twice the price. Better yet, if you buy 6 bottles, we’ll knock off 10%; take a full case of 12 bottles off our hands, and the per-bottle price is a ridiculous $9.34.

Be aware that this is the only shipment of this wine that we will be receiving, so if you enjoyed the 2013 vintage, don’t wait to buy your supply of the 2015!

Damian and I have been buzzing about Corsican wines for a couple years now. Domaine Vetriccie’s red blend was one of the first wines we brought in from this Mediterranean island and it’s been met with a resoundingly positive reception. We sold the 2013 vintage out and have jumped to the new and delicious 2015 vintage. Vetriccie’s red blend is composed of predominantly Niellucciu (nee-el-LOO-choo). Without ever trying said grape, the first time I tasted this wine I noted that it reminded me of Sangiovese. A quick search resulted in self-congratulatory confirmation that this grape is, in fact, genetically identical to Sangiovese. So, Vetriccie blends a Sangiovese clone with Sciaccarello (Shack-ar-ello), a light, fleshy, and floral grape, plus Syrah, adding a bit of spice and dark fruit. It makes for a fantastic medium-bodied blend. Vetriccie will be one of the most unique and best valued wine buys this Spring.  –Brendan Kennedy-Wine Buyer

Buy online: Domaine Vetriccie Corse Red Blend 2015

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