Concannon Wine

The Father of Petite Sirah- Concannon’s Captain Joe Reserve gallops in at an amazing $16.99!

Concannon is a winery of firsts- established in 1883 by James Concannon, it was the first successful winery to be founded by an Irish immigrant, first to make California’s Bordeaux style white blend, first to hire a professional female winemaker, and the first to introduce America to Petite Sirah. No wonder the winery is known as the father of Petite Sirah!

In recent years, Concannon has become a staple brand; you can find it everywhere and it is always a good value for the price. More importantly, it is always consistent in taste profile. But I bet you didn’t know that behind Concannon’s entry level wines are a whole reserve line of Petite Sirahs. Unless you have been searching for them they are hard to find or only available at the winery…until now.

We had a rare opportunity to taste and buy their Concannon Captain Joe’s Reserve Petite Sirah 2008. Named in honor of the founder’s son Joseph, who served in the First Cavalry, “Every year Captain Joe produced special wines that were shared only at the family dining table; and this wine is a tribute to his tradition.” This is indeed a wine to share with close friends and family, as it is superbly refined and lends itself to sharing with only those you hold most dear.

We found this wine to have a nose evocative of fresh blueberry pie. When tasted, we noted a rich jammy texture, lush blackberries, expressive red fruit, velvety tannins, baking spice, nutmeg, cloves and a hint of smokiness on the finish. It is so delicious that it becomes dangerously easy-drinking – each sip lingers and leaves your reaching for your glass to repeat the experience.

The winery website has this wine for $36 but we are offering it to you for only $16.99. Hurry in and grab a bottle or two- this will be a perfect wine to share over the holidays!


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