The Hidden Gems of Bourbon

With the bull market in bourbon not showing any sign of abating, “deal” is a word few bourbon drinkers are familiar with. We’ve come to accept that prices keep going up and we continue to drink our beloved spirit hoping that one day things will change. The trick has become to find the hidden gems that few others know about and covet them until they inevitably disappear from the shelves or double in price. – Vince Fredrick, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist 

It’s with this knowledge at hand that I’m excited to announce a DEAL in our bourbon department. Johnny Drum Private Stock has long been regarded as one of these hidden gems and today I have the fortune of putting it in your hands for just $24.99 (regularly $32.99), the lowest price in the country. On the nose this lovely whiskey gives off a rich hazelnut characteristic, subtle baking spice, and hints of stewed stone fruit. On the palate, at 101 proof, it’s chock full of flavors including nutmeg, allspice, and fresh sweet dough with a solid stone fruit backbone. It’s not hard to see why this whiskey has been selling away across the country at prices upwards of $40. So don’t miss out on your chance to get it at a price nearly half that. Once our stocks have depleted I’ll be forced to put this gorgeous dram back on the shelves at $32.99.

Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon (Previously $32.99) – $24.99
(Only while stocks last!)


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 Vine & Table #301