The Hiply Historical Bertani Bertarose 2016

There are plenty of wineries who’ve been in business for generations; however there aren’t many that can claim to have been making the same wine for over 80 years. In the case of Bertani, they can– the family has been making Bertarose since the 1930s. This blend of 75% Molinara and 25% Merlot, selling for $17.99 a bottle, is remarkably aromatic and shows good structure and balance. Its nuanced flavors make it perfect for pairing with light pasta dishes or as an aperitif. As the rosé season starts to wind down, be sure to put a few bottles of Bertarose aside. 

“While southern France tends to dominate the rosé category, there are exciting rosés being made from all corners of the wine producing world. August’s Rosé of the Month is from Northeast Italy in the Veneto province, where Bertani has been producing traditional Valpolicella wines from their own vineyards for over 150 years. Even their Bertarose has been made since the 1930s. Bertarose uses Molinara as the star varietal in their wine, a grape which usually doesn’t get the leading role in Valpolicella wines due to its light color and subtle aromatics. But because of its naturally high acidity and fleshy mouthfeel, Molinara has ideal characteristics for compelling rosés. Bertarose also blends in 25% Merlot- a perfect combo resulting in a nice, weighty texture with moderately fruit-forward tendencies. For all you Provence rosé drinkers, don’t let this one go by. “~ Brendan Kennedy, Vine & Table Wine Buyer

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