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I know that you haven’t heard from me for awhile, but lo and behold I am back behind my computer today! It’s been manic around here, what with hosting Vine & Tables 4th Annual Indy’s Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo on Oct 12th. It was one hell of a night! And if you joined us then I thank you for attending and I hope you had a great time. On the other hand, if you couldn’t be there then there is always next year! I managed to take a wee holiday home to Cork to see my family after the Expo and thought that things would be a bit quieter when I got back? No chance!

Arran 11 Year Old Vine & Table Exclusive Handpicked Cask – $94.99
The day before I left Indy, what do you think rolled in the back door of the store? Only the barrel of single malt Scotch that I selected at the Isle of Arran Distillery on my visit to Scotland back in April.  Turty tree cases to be precise or 201 exclusive limited edition bottles that will never be repeated. Cask No. 01/749 was bottled exactly the way I tasted it at the distillery on a wind and rain lashed day off of Scotland’s West Coast. Stick your nose in the glass and misty Scotland is far, far away as the tropical fruit, vanilla and passion fruit take center stage. You could almost picture yourself on a desert island! But you better hurry if you want to snag a bottle or two as stocks are dwindling and once it’s gone it will be gone forever!

Atholl Brose Scotch Liqueur – $49.99
Christmas must be just around the corner. I know that because as the weather turns colder this is the time that liqueurs begin to fly off our shelves. One which we haven’t seen on our shelf for a while is an old classic in the whisky liqueur category. Everybody has heard of Drambuie but not everyone has had the opportunity to savor the warming sweet flavors which make up Atholl Brose. Benromach single malt Scotch, honey, herbs and oatmeal (of all things!) are blended together. The result is a liqueur that any self-respecting Scotch hobbyist, mixologist or cook should have on their shelf.

Templeton Rye – $39.99
And finally, one of the most sought after rye whiskies in the country has finally arrived to Indiana which is kind of ironic as it is actually made in Indiana! It’s a bit of a long confusing story, I’d tell you all about it another time, but for now if you want a bottle then you know where to find it!





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 Vine & Table #301