the lost distilleries of scotland

In the 1800’s there were over two hundred distilleries in Scotland, but by 1945 the poor economic and political circumstances of the previous three decades had taken their toll, and around seventy of these distilleries had closed. In the 1980’s, when recession took hold a further dramatic drop in sales led to a whisky surplus which inevitably caused the closure of many more distilleries.

These distilleries are referred to as Scotland’s “Lost Distilleries”. They have been closed, equipment and stills removed, buildings demolished and with it, all the traces of distilling and history are wiped out. All that is left is the whisky, albeit in very limited quantities.

Whether you are a whisky collector, history buff or just a person who wants to expand your palate, then these whiskies are some of the most fascinating bottles on our shelves, providing a unique insight into the past. Here is a glimpse into our selection.

Dallas Dhu 1979, 34 Years Old Speyside
Founded: 1898 – Closed: 1983

Banff 1976, 28 Year Old Highland
Founded: 1824 – Closed: 1983

Glenesk 1984, 20 Year Old Highland
Founded: 1897 – Closed: 1985

Convalmore 1984, 22 Year Old Speyside
Founded: 1893 – Closed: 1985

Pittyvaich 1993, 14 Year Old Speyside
Founded: 1975 – Closed: 1993

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