top 10 wines of 2012

The wine world is a wonderful place to be! Every week we get to hear the latest buzz on “this wine” or “that producer.” We get the inside scoop on the “latest vintage” or the “next super-trend”. You can be sure there is a wealth of information out there with a global output of more than 265 million hectoliters of wine yearly. But the best part of being in this industry is sorting through the data, the rumor, the hype and zeroing in on the truly amazing. How do we do that? Naturally we complete our due diligence by researching information for ourselves and then of course we taste, taste, taste and then taste some more.

Jumping in palate-first, here is our list of the 10 most memorable wines for 2012. They caught our attention for their boldness of flavor; their enchanting style, and the sheer enjoyment they brought to the moment. Once the cork was popped, they simply stood out amongst their peers. They are…

10. Antigal Uno Malbec 2009

9. Naveran Cava

8. Tampesta Rosado 2011

7. Peique Rosado Bierzo 2010

6. Revelry Reveler 2009

5. Lioco Chardonnay 2010

4. Dunham Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

3. Dominio do Bibei Lapola 2008

2. Chapoutier Banylus 2009

1. top pick: Le Cupole Tuscan 2009

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