Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Top wines for Turkey Day!

The mad rush is on to prepare for Thanksgiving, and while you’ve probably got your turkey picked out and the green beans at the ready, have you found the perfect wine to accompany the feast you’ll work so hard to prepare? If not, don’t fret- just stop by Vine & Table, where our wine staff have spent hours coming up with their top recommendations for Thanksgiving Day wines. All of these bottles are conveniently located together at the center of the store, so you won’t waste any of your precious time on the hunt. Hurry in to cross off the most important item on your shopping list!


Brendan Kennedy, Vine & Table Wine Buyer
Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2014 $14.99– One of the toughest things to do at Thanksgiving is find a wine that can be enjoyed by all. That problem is easily solved with a bottle of Bradenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc. Crisp enough to please fans of dry wines, Secateurs also has a very discreet flavor of honeysuckle that will satisfy folks who gravitate toward a sweeter style. Secateurs is food friendly, and pairs nicely with dishes like asparagus, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and green beans.

Naveran Cava Rosé 2013 $14.99– Possibly the lowest priced vintage sparkling Rosé out there! The perfect wine to greet guests as they arrive, the Naveran Cava Rosé will also work beautifully on the Thanksgiving table as it pairs with so many food types. This is dry wine, but shows off gorgeous flavors of ripe strawberry and a clean, crisp finish.

Roco Pinot Noir 2011 $19.99– The classic Turkey wine- Pinot Noir. There’s a lot to like about this Willamette Valley Pinot. The most important thing is taste, of course. And boy, does it taste delicious. This wine is certainly a finesse style of red, with a light body, and very fine tannins. The texture is absolutely seamless, and everything comes together nicely for a lingering finish. Oh and did I mention we knocked $10 off the price? What’s not to like here?

Damian Logan, Vine & Table Wine Sales
Joseph Drouhin Laforet Pinot Noir $15.97– I always like to surprise my red wine friends with new flavors and pairings. The Joseph Drouhin Laforet Pinot Noir is my choice this year. This is Pinot Noir in the French style: lighter bodied and less fruit-forward than domestic Pinots. Hailing from Burgundy, Laforet is light ruby red, has a delicate nose, well integrated flavors and a soft finish. It will complement the feast and take your conversations well into the evening.

Massone Gavi 2014 $15.49 – The Massone, made in the Gavi region of Piedmont, is my white wine choice for Thanksgiving. More crisp than most Chardonnays yet softer than most Sauvignon Blancs, the Massone is beyond pleasant and this refreshing wine will complement roast turkey perfectly.

Mori Vini del Gelso Chardonnay 2014 $21.99 – Northern Italy is not what usually comes to mind when I think about Chardonnay. The Vini del Gelso has changed that. This wine from Cantina Mori has a hint of floral to the aroma and is fresh and bright on the palate. The finish is clean, smooth and lasting. It will pair, and even complement, all of the usual Thanksgiving fare. Better yet, I think this is the best wine to pair with that deep fried turkey. Enjoy!

Charlene Joyce, Vine & Table Wine Sales
Joel Gott Unoaked Chardonnay 2014 $12.97– I don’t usually recommend California Chardonnay for Thanksgiving, as they are often drier and oakier than I like with traditional holiday food. But I find the Joel Gott Unoaked Chardonnay to be an exception to this; it is a bright wine, and no malolactic fermentation delivers pure fruit and natural acidity. Aromas of peach, melon and flowers waft from the glass. The good mouthfeel ends with an elegant lingering fruit finish.

Fritz Muller Muller-Thurgau Perlwein $17.99– A lovely sparkler is the perfect starter to your holiday meal. Meant to be the German answer to Prosecco, Perlwein is lightly sparkling with fresh flavors of white fruits, pear, apple and a hint of grapefruit. Well balanced with a hint of nutmeg on the nose, you’ll want to serve before the meal with appetizers. It is very refreshing!

Sandeman Founders Reserve Port $19.99– If you tend to skip dessert, Sandeman Port might be just the perfect thing to sip and enjoy while the rest of the guests dive into pie. Aromas of rich red fruit are apparent, and on the palate flavors of dark cherry with hints of tobacco and leather run rampant. It pairs very well with chocolate, if you want a little nibble of something sweet.

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