Tribute to Jon MacLellan

I write this with a heavy heart. This was one of the last casks that Jon MacLellan selected before he passed away on Easter Sunday after a long battle with cancer. Jon was the Distillery Manager at Kilchoman, and I had the pleasure of meeting him on my first trip to Islay back in 2012.

I remember him as a very soft spoken, humble man. He was the man behind the scenes who worked hard to put Kilchoman on the whisky map, a tremendous feat given the newness of the distillery and the fierce competition on the island. But Jon persevered and through his expertise in distilling, along with Anthony Will’s hard work (Anthony is the founder of Kilchoman), the distillery soon became a force to be reckoned with, such was the quality of the spirit and the attention to detail in selecting casks to be bottled. Through Jon and Anthony’s dedication to this tiny farm distillery, the name Kilchoman rose from relative obscurity to the known entity that it is now. Our good friend and whisky importer, Ed Kohl, had asked Jon to select a number of casks to best highlight the importance of wood in a whisky, and this sherry hogshead that Jon picked is a testament to that. Is there a degree of sentimentality to this whisky? Absolutely yes. But I think that any person who has experienced the delight of Kilchoman has discovered the hand of Jon MacLellan at work. So how does this whisky taste? Well, I could give my own tasting notes but I would rather not do that. Out of respect to Jon, I think that it is best to just let the whisky speak for itself. But I will say that this is a beautiful expression from Kilchoman, a style that we have not experienced before.

Slainte Jon,

Denis Lynch

Kilchoman (The MacLellan Cask) Impex Cask Evolution Single Cask Cask Strength Islay Single Malt Scotch

Distilled 1st September 2011 – Bottled 20th January 2016
Cask No. 532/2011
58.7% ABV
Non Chill Filtered, Natural Color
Cask yielded 300 bottles
30 bottles available
A Vine & Table Exclusive


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