ultimate cheese board in 10 easy steps

With the Holiday’s here and the parties starting we want to make sure you have the best cheese boards in town, so we’ve put together 10 simple rules for you to follow:

  1. Choose mild, strong, soft and hard cheeses to suit different tastes.
  2. Don’t overwhelm the plate; try to stay under 6 different cheeses-usually one blue will do. Don’t forget sheep and goat’s milk cheeses!   And serve at least one familiar cheese.
  3. Stay away from wash-rind cheese; they’ll overwhelm the palate and take away from the other cheeses on the plate. But if you choose a wash-rind cheese, put it on a separate plate so the aroma doesn’t overwhelm the other items.
  4. Most people will eat between ½ ounce to 1 ounce of each cheese type, so buy accordingly.
  5. Present the cheeses in large chunks or wedges and serve each with its own cheese knife.
  6. Serve crusty baguette slices, simple white or sea salt crackers, fruit paste or jam, fresh or dried fruit, nuts or a combination.
  7. Add meat to your platter, such as Genoa Salami, Jambon de Paris, Proscuitto di Parm, Fennel Salami or Serrano Ham.
  8. Serve your cheese plate on a wooden cheese board but if you don’t have one don’t worry!  A lovely glass dish or a decorative ceramic plate with be fine; however, the flatter the better.
  9. Always bring cheeses to room temperature before serving them. This helps bring out their flavors and textures. Serving at room temperature will ensure it is at its best!
  10. Use labels!  This will help make your night go smoothly.

Here are a few examples with some of my favorite cheese:
Plate One:  Capriole’s Fresh Chevre infused with Basil (mild, goat, soft), Singleton’s Top Hat Cheddar (mild, cow, soft), Antique Gruyere (medium, cow, semi-firm), 12 Month Manchego (medium, sheep, firm), Roaring 40s Blue (strong, cow, soft)

Plate Two:  Brie Couronne with Chives (mild, cow, soft), Frisian Farms Farmstead Gouda (medium, cow, semi-firm), Tilsiter (medium, cow, firm), Idiazabal (medium, sheep, firm), Midnight Moon (medium, goat, firm)

Plate ThreeVintage 5 yr Gouda (strong, cow, firm), Emmental (medium, cow, semi-firm), Lamb Chopper (mild, sheep, semi-firm), Bucheron (mild-medium, goat, soft), Delice de Bourgogne (mild, cow, soft)

Short on time, let us help! Order a domestic or an international cheese tray today.  Several tray sizes and price points are available.  For more details or contact us at 317-817-9473 to order one today.

Wishing you a tasty holiday season!

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  1. Good ideas Morgan. A cheeseboard sounds super easy and a great treat for guests, or for movie night with the family.

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