Upland Brewing Co. Petal to the Kettle

Upland Brewing is making some of most sought-after sour beers in Indiana. When brewers use yeast strains and barrel aging to introduce complex fruity, funky, and sour flavors, it can take months or even years to produce something special. With kettle souring, brewers are able to recreate similar flavors in a much shorter timeframe.

Petal to the Kettle is an ale that utilizes the kettle souring process for a quicker turnaround and more consistent product. Brewed with strawberry, rose hips, and hibiscus, it has a balance of fruity sweetness and floral spiciness. You’re first hit with big floral aromas and background notes of ripe strawberries. Delicate flavors of peach and grapefruit blend well with the sweetness of strawberries. The subtle earthy spice with a touch of tart citrus from the flower petals complements the addition of Lactobacillus yeast that turns Petal to the Kettle lightly tart and adds refreshing effervescence to the body with a clean finish.

To give you the freshest experience, this seasonal brew is only offered while its ingredients are at their peak. Perfect for the coming warmer days, this is one of my favorite beers for outdoor activities. Pedal your way into spring with this beautiful pink treat.

Upland Petal to the Kettle – $11.99 (6 pack cans)

Buy Now or Call (317) 816-WINE

~Corey Davis, Vine & Table Beer Buyer 




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