Viña Robles California Cab Hits the Sweet Spot

Memorable wines under $20 can be hard to find, so we’re always excited when we come across one. In this instance, the happy memories are ascribed to Viña Robles Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. One of the reasons this wine sticks in your head is quality you receive for the price, a reasonable $18.99. Nearly two years in oak barrels adds a suppleness to the fruit, while flavors run the gamut from blackberry to blueberry compote, hints of licorice, and some balanced tannins just for kicks. The winemakers have upped the ante here by including 16% Petit Verdot; that added depth elevates the wine and firmly plants it in your mind as a darn good bottle at a darn good price. Pick up a few and enjoy now, or cellar for an even more exceptional treat in a few years.

Brendan Kennedy, Vine & Table Wine Buyer: “This is turning into a pattern; when we need excellent value Cabernet from California, we look to Paso Robles. Viña Robles Winery will be familiar to some as we’ve featured their wines before, and I think across the board their wines display the quality of the fruit they work with.


The 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon is grown on the estate from two contrasting vineyards. In the winery, their extraction techniques ensure dark color and stark tannins creating flavors of juicy black fruits and crème de cassis. Some vanilla and a smidge of spice also come through due to 20 months in oak. For those seeking a mouth-coating Cabernet under $20, this is a must!”


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