Valentine Wine & Chocolate Event

Vine & Table sets the stage for Valentine’s Day with a FREE Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting on Wednesday, February 12!

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day has gotten a little stale: dinner at a noisy, crowded restaurant that you can’t get a reservation at until 10 pm; a box of chalky chocolates that you nabbed at the drugstore on your way home from work; an overpriced card that leaves glitter scattered around your house for a month. This holiday is supposed to be about romance, friends, and it’s time to recapture it! Vine & Table is ready to help you do just that with a FREE Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting on Wednesday, February 12 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Valentine Wine & Chocolate EventWe will have 14 white, red, and sweet wines open at 3 stations spread across the store. Each table will also have specific chocolates from Peacetree Mountain Truffles to complement the wines. It’s up to you to decide what flavor combinations you and your partner like best- there are no wrong answers when it comes to taste! Once you’ve found your favorites, you can have one of our associates put together a fabulous gift basket sure to outdo the usual Valentine’s gift.

See below for specific details on what we’ll be tasting, and please make sure you register by Feb 11th so we know how many bottles to open, chocolates to prepare, and (sorry, unromantic line coming up) how much cheese to cut.

For white wine fans, or those seeking a great gift for the white-wine lover in their life, join us in our champagne room, where the chocolate selection will include Milk Chocolate Pear and Milk Chocolate Strawberry truffles. The light flavor of the milk chocolate will pair nicely with the soft tones of the white wines. The wines are as follows:

Voveti Prosecco. Inspired by the Latin word voveo, meaning “to promise” or “to vow,” this sparkler’s label plays on its name, featuring two intertwined gold wedding bands. While that alone makes this a great choice for Valentine’s Day, the wine in the bottle is excellent too. Receiving a solid 90 points from Wine Advocate, Voveti is a brut Prosecco with tempered acidity and a fresh, graceful profile. It delivers honeysuckle on the nose, along with a creamy texture. Marked by fine persistent bubbles, the wine exhibits flavors of green apple, melon and ripe peach. A perfect way to start a romantic evening. $15.99 per bottle.

Naked Pinot Grigio. If your Valentine’s Day goes well, naked may indeed describe a portion of it! The winemaker’s name and motto, ‘Bare it all!’ refers to the fact that their grapes are all grown with use of chemicals. Dry, light-bodied, and crisp, with aromas of pear, lemon, and honey, this pinot grigio is a treat at just $7.99.

Domaine du Haut Bourg Muscadet 2010. This classic Muscadet is bottled unfiltered and practically vibrates with freshness and liveliness. Lovely melon, citrus, and minerality result in beauty and elegance. Another Wine Advocate 90-pointer, $15.99 each.

Calera Chardonnay 2012. Described as soft, round, smooth, and succulent, this organic oaky Chardonnay is the perfect bottle to share on a night in. With a rich bouquet of peach pie and kumquats, and a mouthful of flavor with ripe stone fruit, bright Bartlett pear and crème fraîche, this is a feminine beauty available for just $19.99.

Tampesta Rosado 2011. Pink wine is always a good bet on Valentine’s Day, and Tampesta Rosado is especially fun. Made from 100% Prieto Picudo grapes, which enjoy a cultish devotion among Spanish winegrowers, this wine is aromatic and carries flavors of watermelon, strawberry, and bubblegum. A true hipster wine, this retails for $16.99

peacetreeOur featured red wines will be found in the event room at the back of the store. Chocolates to be enjoyed at this station are Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Carmel truffles. The rich strong flavor of the dark chocolate will play very nicely with the bold flavors of red wines. Raspberry will bring out the fruit tones of the red and the caramel will bring out the sweet tones.  On to the red wines:

Fratelli Revello Barbera d’Alba. The juicy texture supports both floral and fruit flavors, from violets to blackberries. Clean acidity and an easy finish with touches of blueberry goodness. $21.99 each.

Tamari Malbec. The name Tamari means to live passionately, and passion is certainly evident in this intense and complex Malbec. The nose presents with floral aromas (perfect to go with that giant bouquet of Valentine’s flowers), and plums, cherries, and hazelnut are plentiful upon tasting. With its deep garnet color, Tamari is the perfect addition to a well-set table. $13.99 per bottle.

Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah 2012. Vavavoom! This is a wine to sink your teeth into and everything that a great Syrah should be. Firm, smooth, fresh, meaty… it sounds like a good-looking date! The texture is plush, with a nice underlying spiciness to keep the black cherry and red fruit flavors balanced. $18.49 apiece.

Raul Perez Vico Mencia 2010. This wine has a sexy Spanish name that is fun to roll across your tongue. The wine is even better to roll around in your mouth, with earthy minerality, incense, and black cherry notes. Vico has a medium-bodied elegance and a touch of red-berry ripeness on the finish. This is a dangerously charming wine marked down to $29.99 from its usual price of $32.99.

Steele Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills 2011. An elegant, fruity Cab, Red Hills incorporates soft tannins and a subtle spice which pairs well with ribeye steak. $22.99 – regularly $32.99- so this is a steal in more ways than one!

Hafod Cheese and Wine PairingOur array of sweet wines will be located near the cheese case, which is very convenient as we will have three cheeses ready for you to try, including Brie Comtois, a classic for partnering with sweeter wines; Pecorino Toscano, specifically chosen to pair with the Tawny Port described below- the flavors of walnut, olives, and caramel go beautifully with the wine; and Neal’s Yard Hafod, which is a cheddar-style cheese with some herbaceous notes that work nicely with sweet, fruity flavors. Our chocolate choices here are Dark Chocolate Balsamic truffles and a medley of Sweet and Dry Wine Chocolates made with wines from Oliver, Huber, Buck, Brown County, and French Lick. Rounding out our selection of wines are:

Ironstone Obsession Symphony 2012. Seductively aromatic, this mildly effervescent wine is similar in style to a Riesling. With touches of green apple and pear, Obsession has a crisp finish and is a good complement to spicy food. $11.49 per bottle.

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato. Pink and sparkly- what’s not to love? With a low alcohol content, this may be the perfect way to wrap up your long, romantic dinner. Rosewater, watermelon, cherry, and nectarine are all wrapped up in a creamy mouthfeel and lengthy finish. This is elegance without fuss. $16.99 each.

Porto Kopke Fine Tawny Port. With over 375 years of Port production behind them, the folks at Kopke have this wine down pat. Vibrant red fruit flavors are mingled with dried fruit and nuttiness. A true classic. Priced at $19.99 per bottle.

Frost Bitten Ice Riesling. With the winter we’re having, what better way to end Valentine’s Day than with an ice wine? This is dessert in a glass, with bold aromas of pineapple upside down cake and great depth. Full-bodied, clean, and zesty. A special treat to share with your sweetheart. $15.49 each.

Be sure to Join us for this sweetheart of an event!

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