Vine & Table’s Handpicked Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon

Vine & Table’s hand-selected Jefferson’s Bourbon has landed!

Denis Lynch, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer – Our handpicked Jefferson’s Reserve single barrel bourbon’s arrival has ushered in the new season, albeit a little late. Gone are the cold and dreary winter days, now replaced with buds on the trees and flowers in the garden. And our handpicked cask is perfectly poised to welcome Springtime with its gentle nose of freshly mown hay, delicate flowers, vanilla, and spice. A summery whiskey if ever there was one, the light and delicate nose is followed on the palate by a lovely soft sweetness, followed by caramel, apricot, peach, and sweet oak notes, which taper away with a gently spicy finish. This is delicious bourbon that is available to buy right now, but with a limited number of bottles to go around (just 180 from the barrel) this will not last forever. At $49.99, the price is right too!

Dave Helt, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer – The hits just keep on coming. Our latest handpicked bourbon comes to us from Jefferson’s and is sure to scratch that bourbon itch left behind by our last two picks. On the nose and on the palate this is a delicate offering, but with plenty of depth hiding inside. Aromas of melon and honey mix with light notes of tangy citrus and kiwi on the nose. On the tongue, you will find that this bourbon delivers on all that its aroma promises and adds a touch of dairy cream and green apples to the mix. It drinks dangerously smooth with a pleasant sweetness and just the right amount of heat on the finish. Overall, this is a worthy addition to any bourbon connoisseur’s bar. If our last picks were any example I’d recommend stopping in soon to grab your bottle before it’s gone.

Zach Pratt, Vine & Table Beer Buyer – Lately, more and more people have been warming up to the casks of whiskey and barrels of bourbon that we’ve been picking here at Vine & Table. So, we have been busy making a list and checking it twice to make sure we’re not missing quality producers that have current single barrel programs. As it turns out, our list ended up without a tick next to Jefferson’s, which led to a quick phone call and some barrel sampling! We ended up with a refreshing, svelte, and spicy barrel of the good stuff. The opening wafts from the glass crackle with personality, trilling with the citric bite of a charred twist of orange zest and layered with outspoken oak just dry enough to have lost the last of its greenness. Though richness does come along with the finish, the mid-palate is quick and lean – a touch of creaminess, a warm buzz of ginger, a sparkling dash of tangerine. At the finish, everything that had thus far come and gone returns for a curtain call, hand-in-hand, enjoying horehound candies. 2018 really is showing itself as a fantastic year for Vine & Table bourbon selections!

Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist – Upon opening Vine & Table’s Select Barrel Jefferson’s Reserve, I knew right away that I was in for a treat – the smell of mother’s homemade bread quickly whet my appetite, and my first sip more than met my expectations. Pleasant notes of oak and demerara sugar with just a hint of something like cherry-ginger tea at the finish. This 90.2 Proof bottling has what it takes to be a daily go-to pour, the big problem will be to jealously guard the bottle against my greedy and undiscriminating neighbors.

Vine & Table Hand-Selected Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon

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