V&T hand-picked Wathen’s Bourbon has landed!

Those who have been following Vine & Table’s barrel program over the last several years know that we always seem to return to Charles Medley and Wathen’s Bourbon. We have had over a half dozen picks from Wathen’s in the last four years. With so many burgeoning distilleries some might wonder why we keep returning to Wathen’s for another store pick? The answer is simple: no matter the vintage or rickhouse location, we know every time we sample Wathen’s barrels we will find at least one exceptional cask. Judging from the response our customers have given, we aren’t the only ones who find these picks to be truly phenomenal. I’m happy to say our latest offering definitely lives up to the high standards you have come to expect from Wathen’s and Vine & Table.

The bottle pours a rich honey amber and leaves slow-moving legs that cling to the glass a full minute after swirling. The nose is reminiscent of fresh baked sourdough bread with peach preserves and carries an underlying note of saltwater taffy for those with the patience to seek it out. On the palate this whiskey is rich but surprisingly lively. An initial impression of caramel crème is broken by a tantalizing citrus pop on the mid palate. This keeps the whisky from growing cloying in its sweetness and sets the stage for a delightfully complex finish of ginger and clove. This bourbon is everything we could have hoped for when we sought out our latest Wathen’s barrel. Better yet, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of our search for only $44.99. Come in to try our newest pick and grab your bottles. But don’t delay, because at this price we don’t expect this bourbon to stay on our shelves for long. ~Dave Helt, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer

When I’m involved in picking out one of our select barrels, I try to approach each tasting independently, without any preconceived notions. It’s difficult then, when tasting a Wathen’s Barrel Selection, to ignore how much I like it to begin with – and if our past offerings from Medley/Wathen’s are any example, so do you.

This year’s Wathen’s Barrel is no exception, it’s freakin’ delicious! This is one of those bottles that you need to buy early, before it’s all gone (or you’ll just feel bad). Denis, David, and I are always excited to share our tasting notes to give you the opportunity to enjoy what we all love – but I’ll take a more pragmatic approach and cut to the chase – you already know you’ll love this bottle, and at $44.99 you won’t have much time to make sure that you do. ~Dan Angelo, Vine & Table Spirits Specialist 

Buy online while the barrel lasts: V&T hand-picked Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon – $44.99


Dave Helt



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