V&T’s Handpicked Elijah Craig Bourbon barrel has arrived

They say good bourbon comes at a price, but when it comes to Elijah Craig don’t let the price mislead you; it’s better than some bourbons that cost twice as much. So we were very excited to be presented with the opportunity to select and bottle a single barrel of this superb Kentucky whiskey for Vine & Table customers last year. Now the barrel has arrived and with it comes an opportunity to try a fresh take on an old classic. While the regular Elijah Craig is composed of select barrels to compose a small batch blend, our barrel (No. 5096705 from Warehouse II, Floor 6) is utterly distinctive for having a full, rich flavor that greets you from the first sniff to the last sip. Rich toffee, vanilla, and light maple sugar waft from the glass, making for an extremely inviting nose. Liquid toffee coats the tongue on the first sip, and hazelnut and light fruits follow as the whiskey fades with notes of soft spice and sweet oak. This is delicious stuff and just goes to show that you really needn’t spend a fortune looking for great bourbon, when great bourbon at a superb price is sitting in front of you. Cheers! – Denis Lynch, Vine & Table Spirits Buyer

When we got our sample bottle of this bourbon, I poured a glass immediately, remembering the enormously full-of-character nose I enjoyed when first making our pick of barrels. It did not disappoint and is perhaps even better than I remember! There’s a wonderful depth provided by the old-seeming oakiness and toasted brown sugar components, but also popping, sparkling top notes of freshly torn vanilla beans, glazed pear, and orange flesh. After so easily picking apart the separate pieces of the aroma, it’s pleasantly disarming to find how cohesive the taste experience is. Everything blends together in such a fantastic way, with a nice bit of chewiness and some baking spice added in, alongside a pleasant tingle that reminds you of the proof without making a drop of water necessary. Much like our recent Eagle Rare selection and the everyday Elijah Craig bottling, this is a value beyond belief. – Zach Pratt, Vine & Table Beer Buyer

Buy online while supplies last: Elijah Craig V&T Handpicked Single Barrel Bourbon $29.99


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