What does “VALUE” mean?

Value. A word all too common in these dark days. One would almost have try to find a single ad that doesn’t contain it. It’s simply the nature of the common consumer to want the most distance out of their hard earned and increasingly volatile discretionary spending. However, I feel that marketers and businesses (being all to keen on this) have somewhat diluted what the term “value” really means. It has become synonymous with “cheap“, and wrongfully so. Granted, I will give you that even I think immediately of lower priced wines when thinking of great “values”. Using that logic though, by extension all cheap wine is a good value. Right?

Of course not. However, it does make it more difficult to see the larger value mosaic.

Allow me to explain…

Again, I LOVE hunting for fantastic inexpensive (notice I steer clear of the word “cheap”) wines to share with our customers. However, is there not also value to be found in a fantastic $50 Burgundy? Or perhaps a $80 Washington blend that drinks like it’s $200 peers? I would argue that some of the best values right now are your collector level items that have come down drastically in price. There’s value in off vintage first growth. There’s value in an amazing $60 Amarone. I’m just saying that the term “value” extends to all price points, and should be based on the quality of the juice vs. the price of the bottle in its peer category, not simply if it’s “cheap”.

Cin Cin

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