what to buy the oenophile?

First, who knows what an oenophile is? Oenophile is most easily defined as a lover of wine, a connoisseur, or as I like to call myself, a Cork Dork.

Do you have an oenophile on your list this year? If so, maybe I can help; this wine lover went home and started looking at all the wine widgets I have and this is what I enjoy most out of all my oenophile toys:

•    A spare corkscrew – just in case.
•    Vinturi – it aerates the wine in seconds- do you really want them to have to wait to drink their wine?
•    Wine charms – so when friends come over you’re not sharing glasses.
•    The wine journal – OK, I know I have my wine app on my phone, but my phone doesn’t savor the memory of where and why I was having that incredible wine, nor does it preserve the label. So, yes, even I have a wine journal.
•    A pourer – it sounds simple but I have white counter tops and I don’t want to stain them. The wine pourer is a great stocking stuffer!
•    Riedel – because it’s elegant, makes a great gift, both glasses and decanters; and did I mention that Vine & Table has the lowest price in the country on all Riedel products making it a great deal!

So, if you have an oenophile in your life, keep these in mind for great holidays gift ideas, as I guarantee they are sure to please.



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