whisky lover gift finder

Do you need help finding the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life? Or maybe you are stuck for what to get your friends and family, loved ones or the boss? This Christmas, we have selected a dazzling array of gifts tailored specifically for that special person.


Compass Box Miniature Gift Pack – $46.99
A rather fabulous gift pack of test-tube style miniatures from the Compass Box core range. The pack includes 50ml bottles of Asyla, Oak Cross, Peat Monster, Spice Tree and Hedonism. John Glaser, is a man dedicated to the art of combining whiskies to produce an end result greater than the sum of its parts. If you wanted to convert someone who says they don’t like whisky, you couldn’t do much better than this. A must.

Dalmore 12 Year Single Malt Scotch with a Cigar Malt Reserve 50ml Sample – $49.99
This whisky has always been on my short list as one of the finest, most affordable 12 year old single malts available. A well-balanced dram, with its tell-tale orange marmalade accompanied by tangerine, pineapple upside-down cake, vanilla-soaked barley, subtle brine, and caramel, all leading to a spicy cinnamon and dried vanilla finish. (John Hansell – Whisky Advocate)

Glenfiddich Miniature Gift Pack – $14.99
A set of three 50ml bottles showcasing Glenfiddich’s most popular releases – the elegant 12, Solera aged 15 and the classic 18 year old.

Glenfiddich Highland Whisky Cake Tin – $48.99
Two Scottish classics come together in this deliciously moist and aromatic cake – Walkers and Glenfiddich malt whisky. Open the tin and unseal the cellophane wrap and savor the aroma of pure heaven: malt whisky from Glenfiddich Distillery mingled with spices and succulent fruits baked into a traditional Walkers cake. Like all Walkers products, the Glenfiddich Highland Whisky Cake is made with only the finest natural ingredients: plump sultanas and cherries, crisp almonds, delicate spices and Glenfiddich malt whisky. There are no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Just naturally delicious ingredients, oh, and Scotch!

Whisky Advocate Magazine
Complimentary with purchase of any bottle of Single Malt Scotch while supplies last. (One copy per customer)

Riedel Crystal Vinum Single Malt Glassware – 25% OFF
My advice to anyone who may be contemplating a life devoted to the enjoyment of good Scotch is to treat yourself to a set of these phenomenal glasses first. When you have Riedel Single Malt glasses at your disposal then you will begin to dissect the flavors which you will encounter in the nose and on the palate. A good set of glasses, makes all the difference.

Arran 11 Year Old Vine & Table Exclusive Handpicked Cask – $94.99
Less than 50 bottles remain of this totally unique Single Malt Scotch. Cask No. 01/749 yielded just 201 bottles of cask strength, non chill-filtered, no coloring, single malt Scotch. This is a limited edition bottling that is exclusive to Vine & Table. When it is gone, it will be gone forever. Check out my article for details.


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