white port spritzer

Back in October when our good friend Wendy Gallogly hosted a Port tasting at the store we featured a deliciously refreshing port cocktail at the start of the event. However it was difficult to really appreciate it during the dark and cold days of winter.

So, I was looking at my port section recently and I spotted the bottle of Kopke White Port, which instantly brought me back to that tasting. But now things are different. It is scorching hot outside and all I am thinking about are long cool drinks to chill me down.

A white port spritzer immediately comes to mind. I have been enjoying these for quite awhile now. When most people think of port, they think of amber tawnies, ruby reds and vintage ports. However, a lesser known version is the bone dry white variety. Many people chill it down and sip it neat as a pre-dinner drink.

However I like to add a splash of Q Tonic water and a slice of lemon and serve on the rocks. Honestly, it is dee-licious. You should give it a try!

In Vino Veritas


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