Williams Brothers brings new life to ancient recipes.

Williams Brothers Brings New Life to Ancient Recipes

It seems like there is always something new in the craft beer scene. Whether it’s new hop varietals or finding the newest additive to give a beer that extra kick, brewers are constantly trying to find an angle to set their products apart. Williams Brothers, from Alloa, Scotland, decided to look to the past to find something “new” for today; indeed, the brewery was started to recreate a single recipe.

Williams Brothers brings new life to ancient recipes.Williams Brothers Brewery was created in the late ‘80s to find a way to produce Leanne Fraoch, an ancient Scottish brew that dates back to approximately 2000 BCE. Fraoch was brewed in a period before the use of hops and instead uses heather and bog myrtle to impart a light herbal finish. When their first batches sold faster than they could brew them, Williams Brothers realized they had a success on their hands. They also realized that if they didn’t want to become a one-brew wonder they needed a few more recipes. The brothers spent several months poring through ancient texts in search of other ancient brews of the region.

The brewery brought forth several new (and rather old!) concoctions. Kelpie is a recreation of a popular medieval beer of the western coast and was brewed with barley grown in the region’s famous kelp beds. Grozet is a gooseberry wheat ale whose recipe they found in the personal writings of a 16th century monk. Ebulum is a black ale brewed with elderberries said to have been introduced to Scotland by Welsh druids. With these recipes and an attention to detail, the Williams Brothers Brewing Company has used ancient brews to craft a bright future. Come in and transport yourself today.

Dave Helt
V&T Beer Buyer


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